Thursday, March 24, 2011

erin again. jamie's still gone. bay's still gone. fuck my life.

i'm back in indiana, took jamie's car. she left it suprisingly. back home, with my mom. missed her a lot.

i... i think jamie's gone. like, gone gone.
bay was fucking with her. she was a damned, eh, 'hollow'. i dont know much lingo of this stuff yet, i'm working on it.

but bay, she had us in her sight the whole damn time. she was the girl in town, the masked one. she's lead jamie on, and now... well, now jamie's hers. i left. i knew what was going to happen, jamie was too naive to get it through her thick skull.

bay works for him.

i got a card in the mail the other day. suprisingly, it was from julienne. he's...
he's alive.
he's in new york. somehow, he beat this.
i won't go into much detail. i'm still wary of him, sadly. he scared me, horribly.
he's coming home in a few days time,  by plane.

i wonder what happened to his car....

he's going to explain things to me, i guess. i'm going to be cautious.
expect an update soon.


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  1. oh jamie..... dear god erin i am so sorry.
    julienne, i hope erin you haven't seen him yet.
    don't trust so easily.
    it can be a dangerous thing