Monday, September 26, 2011

long time no type

well. sorry for that little holdup from march, ha. guess i never really got back to this.

it's erin still, alas. i haven't seen jamie in months. haven't seen bay. i did see julienne though, he's actually back in town. we're both enrolled in night classes at our old highschool. we're trying to get our lives back on track.

these last few months have been... just strange. i've been with jamie almost my entire life. it's just so strange her not being here. i wish she would come home. hell, i wish this hadn't happened in the first place.

it's been a little over a year since things got off track. juls doesn't even remember much anymore... or he's lying. i don't know. he came home back in march, saying he just woke up one day in that old town in pennsylvania. said he was confused. called a friend in new york to get him.
there wasn't much more to it than that. he's different. but that's understandable. 

honestly, i've been debating posting here. our lives are finally going back to normal. we just want to move on. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who read, everyone who cared, helped, anything. jamie loved the help. i know she did. if she ever shows up again, then i'll be back. until then, this is my last post. thank you, really.

jamie, i love you. our anniversary was coming up soon. i'm sorry we can't spend it together. sorry we couldn't last year, i was a stupid bitch about other girls. i'm sorry we broke up, sorry for all the stress. you were my first love, and still are.

we were a perfect sonnet.

Erin Marie Martinez

Thursday, March 24, 2011

erin again. jamie's still gone. bay's still gone. fuck my life.

i'm back in indiana, took jamie's car. she left it suprisingly. back home, with my mom. missed her a lot.

i... i think jamie's gone. like, gone gone.
bay was fucking with her. she was a damned, eh, 'hollow'. i dont know much lingo of this stuff yet, i'm working on it.

but bay, she had us in her sight the whole damn time. she was the girl in town, the masked one. she's lead jamie on, and now... well, now jamie's hers. i left. i knew what was going to happen, jamie was too naive to get it through her thick skull.

bay works for him.

i got a card in the mail the other day. suprisingly, it was from julienne. he's...
he's alive.
he's in new york. somehow, he beat this.
i won't go into much detail. i'm still wary of him, sadly. he scared me, horribly.
he's coming home in a few days time,  by plane.

i wonder what happened to his car....

he's going to explain things to me, i guess. i'm going to be cautious.
expect an update soon.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

jamie's gone. she hopped town with bay.

god damn it

i'm erin, and i'll be running this show for awhile. i'll explain more in the morning. right now i need to go. i'm being followed.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everything is Fine~

Nothing to worry about, I'm still alive~  Still down south, still with mom, still by Bay~

Everything is fine.

I'm in love guys.

Friday, February 4, 2011



You know the truth Jamie
Why won't you fucking listen to me?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've been neglecting this it seems; my bad.

Well, things are going smoothly down here. We haven't seen the Slenderman once, which is... odd. Bay Says that this is the first time in months she's felt safe. Or, well, safer.
I want Bay to be safe. This isn't fair for her...

She's on my mind alot, if it isn't obvious.

Well, regarding the Masked girl, we still haven't met her. Although, Erin claims she saw her one night out in town. She'd gone out to get reception off her phone to call her aunt, and she said the girl was just sitting casually on a bench across in the neighbors yard. Legs crossed, arms crossed, and just watching. She, of course, ran in to get me. By the time I got out, she was gone.

I hope Erin wasn't lying.

On a less dark note, my dad called me today. Said Indiana's going through something called Snowpocalypse. I laughed at the name, a lot. If you're in the middle of it, I wish you the best of luck.
I asked if he's been seeing anything odd around him, or if he had a cough. He says nothing's wrong. Thank god.

On that note, I'm going to go. Bay's going to be over in a few. That damn girl is running through this crazy rain... I think I'll suprise her and meet her halfway, with an umbrella~ She'd like that.


Thursday, January 20, 2011


I haven't been here in years. When my parents split way back when, dad kept me with him in Indy, while mom went down to Louisiana to be with her side of the family. Sometimes I would fly down and visit mom, up until I hit my teenage years. It's been an awkward childhood, I'd say.

Erin's taking a nap downstairs, I'm up in a loft. My old bedroom from being a kid.

Mom was surprised to see us. I take it dad never talked to her about us coming by. What can you do, I suppose. Nonetheless, she took us in happily, and it felt as if I was just down for another visit.

Despite being followed by a killer.
Despite said killer dispatching its minions after us.

We realized we were being trailed around in Florida by hollowed, when one apparently approached Erin's Aunt, asking if they knew our whereabouts. Her Aunt luckily realized telling them would be a bad decision, and kept her mouth shut. I guess the hollowed took this civilly and left.
We managed to get out of there without much trouble though, which is a godsend.

When we got here, we went to mom's and left our stuff, and went out to meet Bay.
For those of you wondering, Bay is a childhood friend of mine, and... well, she's just a friend.
She's also, unfortunately, infected. I suppose she got caught up in this like many others, out of curiosity.

We asked to see the Masked girl, but I guess she's been laying low for awhile now. Bay assumes she'll be back out sometime soon, and when she is, I've got so many questions to ask.
She's been running for two years now, according to Bay.

I hope she's out tonight.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is getting repetitive

Heading off from Florida tonight. Erin thinks it's a good idea, considering how we saw the goddamned Slenderman yesterday. He was in broad daylight, she said. He was looking at her family. Her little cousin.

Needless to say, we overstayed our welcome.

She's out at the grocery currently, getting supplies. We've been running low on cash (gas is ungodly), but I was surprised to find about $400 in my bank account, along with a text from my dad.

'Check your bank account. Sheila [Erin's mom] said you could use a little boost. Spend it wisely, come home safe and as soon as you can'.

If I hadn't said it before, I'll say it again. My dad is the most supportive, caring person in my life. I miss him so much. ;___;

Erin just came in, she's got groceries and other helpful things. I take it we'll be leaving in about an hour.

In case you're wondering, Erin and I talked it over. We're going to Louisiana. To see my mom.
I haven't seen my mom in years. I... I'm scared. I'm resentful.
But I think I should see her.

I've also heard a low rumor of there being a runner around my mom's town.
Bay told me last night over a Skype chat. Apparently it's a girl, she's got a white mask and runs around in a fur collared jacket. She claimed one cheek of the mask has an operator's symbol on it.

Either it's a crazy teenager, or a Runner.

I hope she's a runner.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey guys, back again. Sorry for being out for awhile, not meaning to scare anyone. Just wanted to say Erin and I made it to Florida...

Jul's aunt decided not to leave to Centralia. I guess her sense came back to her at some point, the poor woman was shaken for so long. She's going to wait. She thinks he'll come home.
Maybe he will.

As for Erin and myself, we're enjoying the beaches out here, staying with her cousins. I think it's a bad idea personally, to get them involved. Hopefully, we'll be out by the end of the week. Not long enough to cause troubles. To ruin lives...

My dad contacted me last night. He, to my understanding, talked to Jul's Aunt the other night. He's worried, so worried. Thank god she didn't go into detail of what's happening. Long story short, he's going to wait for me.
I hope I'll see him again. I miss my dad.
He wants me to see my mom, although. I've mixed feelings over this. She's in Louisiana, if I'm correct...
Come to think of it, someone else is in Louisiana... her name's Bay.
Bay's... something special.

Those thoughts aside, I think I'll leave it at that. We're safe. Safer than we've been for awhile.

I'll sleep well tonight.

Monday, January 3, 2011

In Memory

19 years old, of German descent. Moved to America at the age of 7.
Met myself and Erin at the age of 9.
Shy, quiet boy. Lost his parents the year prior to moving. His mother's sister took him in when no one else would bother. Cold and dull for years. A sad little boy.

His Aunt and I discussed him last night. She said up until Erin and I, he would have just crumbled down to despair. We were good distractions, I assume. Julienne had quite a few demons plaguing him.

Tall Guy, it appears, was not after me, nor Erin. He was after Julienne.
The man followed him here from his childhood, surfacing years later to poor Juls. His aunt remarked that he follows most children, but most grow out of him and block him away. Julienne wasn't so lucky. Julienne had to remember. He had to dig into it. He couldn't let him go.
And now he's drowned into curiosity.

We may be in danger. The TallGuy- oh, why bother- Slenderman takes interest in those who dig too deep. Erin and I are in too deep it appears. Juls aunt said there isn't much hope, but to run.

Is that really it? We have to run, forever?

She's going to Centralia. She wants to be with Julienne.
He was like her son.

This isn't right. This isn't how our lives were supposed to play out.
Julienne, Erin, and I, we were supposed to go to college together. Rent a house off campus, work together in catering. Live our lives to the fullest.

But now, Erin and I are lucky if we make it to Spring.

We're leaving tonight. I'll get back to you guys later.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I'm back in Indiana with Erin. We got in yesterday, driving since the 26th. It's nice to be home, although dad doesn't know I'm in yet. He's at work for the night, and won't be home until about midnight. I'll be leaving by then, hopefully.

He doesn't need to worry. I've got a note for him.

Erin's got family down south in Florida, so we may be leaving to go. I've got to wait for her to get back here. She went to go visit her mom while we're in town, although this may be a horrible idea... I'm afraid the police may know we're back... could hold us here. We've been accounted as missing for almost a month now...

I don't even know how to tell Julienne's aunt that he's gone.
I can't say he's dead, but he's not living.

I want to save him. Is there a way to save the hollowed...?

I miss him. I miss him so much.
I'm sorry this happened to you, Juli.