Friday, December 24, 2010

New Jersey (and a loooong update)

Currently in New Jersey. Hahaa, we should pay the EverymanHYBRID boys a visit, Erin and I. Alas, no time to do such.

So, to backtrack on what happened last night. Holy. Mother of God.
I got into Centralia at about 5:30 last night, the sun was already setting. The towns a sight to see, fairly quiet, snow in most spots. Fairly spooky, yet exciting. I found the Church I assumed Erin had been talking about, up on a hill.
The whole scene was a bit surreal. Standing outside at the bottom of the hill, it felt like I was about to go into battle with something out of the world.

Considering all the shit going on, it wouldn't be too far fetched.

When I got up to the church, it was quiet. I had thought it may be locked up, but thankfully, it wasn't. So, I entered, as it was now dark outside, and this town is surrounded entirely by woods (one reason to stay out of the town).

I would like to tell you that TallGuy and I engaged in a fight of epic proportions, but alas, it was not the case. Instead, Erin was just sitting in a pew up front. Just waiting. So, of course I ran to her to make sure she wasn't dead, and she wasn't. She wasn't hollowed, wasn't hurt, not even crying. Just glad to see me.

And that is where things started to get freaky. When we got outside, and made it to the road, I noticed some of the few houses that were still occupied were all lit up. The occupants all came out on their lawns. They kind of looked at us with curious stares, and then a man just yelled for us to leave 'before it's too late'. Some woman kept flailing and pointing at the woods. I mean, this woman was literally shrieking at the top of her lungs. So, naturally we were confused, but before we could ask anything, we realized what she was shrieking at.


Not just one, but hundreds. Hundreds of them, just watching from the woods. Hundreds of, dare I say, Slendermen, just watching us.

If I can say this, I would have much preferred Silent Hill over this.

It was at that point Erin reminded me that I have legs, and we sprinted to my car. As we drove out, I watched the townsfolk.  The woman was taken by a man back into her home, and everyone just kind of sulked back inside. I could have sworn I spotted Julienne in this crowd of people, following a family into a home. The Slendermen crept back into the woods.

I'm assuming these are not related families. It's as if they're an army of Hollowed.

People, ladies, gentlemen, ANYONE reading this, we are facing a drastic issue.
There could be hundreds, if not thousands of these things. I don't know if it was just that town, but either way, the woods are horribly unsafe. Centralia is unsafe. There is a building army of assumed Hollowed in that town.

I don't know where to go. Erin and I are in a cafe right now. She says hello, might make a blog as well.

Make the best of the holidays, anonymous readers.

(and Erin)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Princess was in the Right Castle

I've got her.

We're getting the fuck out of this town.

I'll explain later, but a quick word of caution.


Do or Die

She called me. Erin's in Centralia still, apparently in a church. About to go find her.

If I don't make it back, I just want to say it's been an interesting ride. And what better of a town to die in than the godamned Silent Hill inspiration.

Let's see if Lady Luck is on my side...


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update from the Road

I'm right outside of Youngstown, Pennsylvania. I've been driving since about 10am, stopping only to piss. Getting food right now in a local pizza place, outside typing this. I must look silly...

I've done some quick research on this Centralia place. Apparently, a site of a large underground mine fire? Some pictures I found look a bit spooky. Would be a perfect place to visit with Erin and Julienne, if it weren't for the fact Jul's gone a bit... out of it.

Oh, who am I kidding, he's been fucking hollowed. :(

I don't know if I should go to the town tonight, for fear of it being dark in about an hour. That, and the town's also apparently gotten the name Silent Hill since the movie was a shit remake of a game.

Silent Hill scares the pants off me, if I may point out.

I'm going to talk to a couple locals once I get further into Youngstown. I may just stay here for the night.
I've called Erin back. I hope she returns the favor.

My foods done, so I should probably post this and get inside, it's fucking cold out here.
Here's hoping I'm not killed before this ordeal's over.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy birthday, Julienne.

19 years for nothing.

A New Plan

So, Julienne is gone.
Completely skipped town, no contact to me, no attempts at cocommunicating to anyone. Our school friends have no idea where he could be.
His parents are dead, and as far as I know he has little family, back in Europe. He's German, if I remember correctly.

That's not what concerns me.
I got a voicemail from Erin about a half hour ago, and another about 5 minutes ago. I was away from my phone. I'm so stupid.
I've transcribed it as best as I could.

'Jamie, I don't know what's going on, Juli's acting fucking weird. He took my phone Friday night, told me not to talk to you again. What the hell is going on? -cuts out to fuzz/muffles- Jul's out pissing in a gas station, we stopped for gas. We're in Pennsylvania I think. I don't know where he's taking us. -muffled voices- I gotta' go.'

and the second.

'It's Erin again. I just hit Julienne, he's out cold. He's talking about taking me to a town around here, called Centralia. I'm scared, Jamie. He's not himself. He's got an empty look to him, and he won't talk to me beyond this god damned town. Help Jam, he's... he's not Juli.'

I am horrified right about now. Julienne sounds like he's been 'hollowed out'. This is not the boy I know, not the carefree guy who was like my brother. He would never do something like this, for god's sake, at least not to Erin.

I have a new plan. I'm going to find Erin. I'm going to find her, and find out what the fuck is going on.

As for TallGuy, he's been less than helpful with anything. Although, he's lain off the whole 'midnight singing tapping sessions', which is calming. My brother's room is still untouched. Probably will be until I get back.

Erin is my first priority.
Look's like I'll still be having my roadtrip.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Julienne left me here. He took Erin.

They skipped town without me.

My friends abandoned me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Rising Expedition?

So, this week has been anti-climatic.

I called my brother earlier, and, oh boy big suprise, no answer. That still leaves a major part of my issues unsolved. The other part, of course, being the 8 foot tall man that no one can see, who is also stalking me.
Yeah, that one.

Tomorrow's the big day. Julienne's got everything ready to go, fuck, he even had new tires put on yesterday to his car (damn you Indiana and your perfect timing of shit weather). All in all, we're ready to get out of here. I'm strangely excited... but I've got a sickening feeling. Probably just nerves...

I'll keep this remotely short; nothing exciting's happened yet, Tall Guy's still been outside my window (although he's stopped singing and resorted to just watching) every night. No one ever sees him, and yet I live on a main roadway. Fuck my life? Yeah, fuck my life.

Erin's become secluded from us it feels like. I think she knows we plan on leaving... I swear, if Juls told her, his head may as well be bitten off. Either way, all she's done this past week has been casting me looks of despair; if I try to confront her, she shruggs it off as being tired or overworked. Which, I doubt. She works at a damn TacoBell up the road. All the customers either come in stoned throughout the night, or families with little shits for kids. Alas, I digress.

I still need to make her and my dad notes. Ugh.


Well, TallGuy's tapping for my attention now. I've given it to him, and all he does is either stare, or look off awkwardly (like my dreams). Tall Guy, for a damned stalker, you are quite the peculier one...
Goodnight, young Anons. I''ll either be back tomorrow or Saturday~


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Step Forward, Another Step Back

Well, I think now would be a good time to confirm things are getting worse complicated

Let's start with the main issues of my thoughts: dreaming.
Now, I know what you're thinking, "OH BOY HERE WE GO AGAIN", but alas, it's not that simple. Well, okay, it's about that simple, but maybe not so.

For the past month or so, I've been having these weird dreams. I would be in my house, or, shall I say what was left of it. It looked as though it had just been worn down to the point of an eroded skeleton of only walls and partly a roof; there was snow everywhere. But, everything was dirty. Almost as though it was snowing... soot? Which, also makes no sense, as there are no buildings around my town that produce enough soot to thoroughly pollute the snow. This detail is minor, I'm sure. So, to continue...

I would be the same age, be in my same day's clothing. I would just wonder my house aimlessly, until I reached the living room, where, surprise, fucking TallGuy is waiting. And that's literally all he did: waited. If I approached him, he just cast me a look (oh god, that sounds hilariously stupid considering his facial features), and directed his attention elsewhere. The only thing I can compare it to is awkwardly waiting to see the doc in the waiting room. And then sharing a look with a man who's been stalking you for months, and you both know it.

Maybe not as common as it sounds above.

I think the only lead this dream gave to me was where he directed his attention. My older brother's bedroom. Which, thinking back to my dreams, his room had solid walls around it, and a door. Said door was always shut, alas. When i went to open it, it's almost as though the words of TallGuy hit me in the back, as though he were trying to stop me. All he would tell would be "Don't". So, I didn't, in any of my dreams.

This brings me to a side thought of TallGuy's role in all of this. Whose side is he on? He's yet to hurt me or anyone I know, and no one is displaying signs of the 'normal' victom. All he's done is demenstrated his love for singing, and for busting in my dreams like the damned 'Bed Intruder' (oh Christ, that song is my guilty pleasure). Although, I've read he can be a damned sneaky bastard, so I'll still stay on high alert... Moving on.

My brother moved out right at the beginning of Augest; right when this shit started. Something's in that damn room. He for some reason, locked his door the day he left. No keys, just a nasty combination lock stuck to the handle. I've tried the lock, to no avail.

I need to call my brother, see if he knows anything. Of course, knowing his elitest, non-socialble attitude, this may be hard to do. That, and he is terrible at picking up his phone when the time comes.

I'm starting to think leaving on Friday may be a rash decsion. Maybe I should wait longer. Thoughts, anyone?


Sleep nights

Today was nicer than usual.

I went to my cousin's house for the day after school, she drove us over. We baked cookies and talked of petty drama. It was a nice distraction, but I know he was watching.

He was once again singing last night. Same song, same deaf tone, same shit. Is it odd I'm starting to get used to the Tall Guy...? He's almost homey, in an odd way. And by odd, I mean terrifying.

I'm so sleepy right now, this will probably be a small update. Just clarifying I'm not dead yet, even though it's only been a day. Friday is rapidly approaching. Juls and I are anticipating it with mixed emotions.
I'm just ready for anything at this point.

I've also put the operator symbol onto my tank tops and jacket. I may look nutty, but I feel a sense of security through it. Here's hoping it's not false (which I'm sure it's not; M stated it as a protection means. M, if you're reading this, you're seriously helping a girl out with your advice, thanks).

I'm going to sleep. Sleep nicely, anonymous readers~

(it appears my blogs post at the wrong times. It's midnight on the clock here, I should change my timezone, eventually)

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Plan

(NOTE: for the rest of the week, I'm going to closely monitor what is going on. I'll record shit down here everynight until Friday)

Today at school, I noticed some things.

Tall Guy (I refuse to call him the Slenderman; I can't do it. Plus, he seems more wacky and fun this way! -sarcasm-) seems to understand that school is my time not to be screwed with. When I left this morning, he was still outside my window, in clear view! Just standing. Maybe watching. He made no signs of following me, and it felt nice to have a somewhat safe haven. For the time, at least. When I returned home, he was gone, which while in itself was nice, I felt unsettled.

Julienne and I discussed briefly our plan for Friday:

-school like normal
-comeback to my house to pick up some bags and other items
-go to his house to do the same
-leave a note (nothing suicidal, we want to come back, eventually) with an undisclosed location
-get the hell out of town my head, it seemed more realistic. I'm going to think of this as only a roadtrip to get away from stress.

Disregarding the fact it's supernatural stress.

His aunt is out for the week until Sunday, so by the time she sees our note, we'll be long gone.
I'm still debating to leave dad a note. I may be 18, but he will still worry to hell and back.

Shit, that reminds me. Jul's birthday is the 21st. He's turning 19, and even if we're still dealing with Tall Guy, he's getting a birthday! Even if it may be a car party... hahaa.

Well, I hope our plan will work. I really hope so.

More than anything I just wish this would go away.


PS: I'm sure Tall Guy missed me at work, so I'm assuming he'll be back for more lullabys tonight. Joy.
Oh god he's outside my window again. He's singing the same song.

I don't know if he'strying to help or warn me with the lyrics, leading me into a false sense of security, or just fuck with me. He has no tone.

Goodnight Deamonslayer

I don't know what to say. Shit's going down hill fast. I think I may need to explain.

Last night, he was here. Outside my window, rapping on the glass like nothing. At first I thought it to be a tree branch, but then I heard the voice. He was singing. The Tall Guy, staring at me at work, and who followed Julienne and I to Chicago, was outside my fucking window, singing. And I don't mean fucking classics, he was singing a song I havn't heard since my sister moved out when I was 12. As odd as it seems, I recall it as 'Goodnight Deamonslayer' by Voltaire (I'll link it at the end); it's a damned lullaby.

I have no idea as to why this man was singing this, or how, because I havn't even touched the iceburg of crazy yet. He's got no face.
No eyes, mouth, nose, ears, nothing. When I saw this fact, I screamed. I screamed so loud. I screamed hoping it would leave. He just kept singing.

Which brings me back to my point of how does something with no face sing?

I've been reading a man named M's blog. He seems to be having the same problems, but on a different level. If we are anything alike, then only hell know's what to happen to me next. I want his help. I need his help.

Julienne and Erin are seeing it. The man in the suit. Every day when Juls comes to pick me up from work, it's there. He's always out far in the parking lot, in plain sight, yet no one acknowledges him. Not the guys on security duty in the managers loft, not the customers, no one. Except of course Juls and I. Why can no one see him? You would think a god damned eight foot tall man in a suit would be noticeable.

Oh, and there's the fact he has no face.

Regardless, I'm getting freaked out a bit.

I watched that Marble  Hornets shit too, by the way (maybe my paranoia is being supplied by that? I'm unsure). While it was entertaining in a horrific kind of way, I feel like.... it's mocking me. Why would you make joke videos of something so serious? (also disregarding the fact they [creaters] are more than likely closeted 4chan members on top of being SA posters. But I digress) I find it so mocking. This shit has been following me for weeks now, follwing Julienne. I'm worried it's going to get to Erin soon. She may be strong, but I will not let her get involved moreso into this than she has to be. Juls on the other hand has made it painstakingly clear he will not let me face this alone. It's almost romantic, him like that of my Prince Charming.

Ignoring the fact Julienne is 100% gay. Wishful thinking in an awkward, terrified, and lonely kid of way.

I have winter break by the end of this week. I'm hoping to skip town for awhile by then. Julienne and I both are considering running, without Erin. I love her, and she's like my sister. She can't come with us. She won't come with us. She told me the other day she sees the Tall guy following me. She seems disturbed by it, moreso than myself. I want her out of this before she's in too deep. I read M's blog a few weeks back talking about making allies, only to 'infect' (the term he uses) them into this. Which brings me to a greater point.

Why and how was I infected? This shit was subtly happening even before MH was sent to me. The Tall guy was watching me since Augest or September. So why is he now just scaring me?

I've got enough money saved to make it months ($1200 total, fuck yeah saving for years and partial help from dad!), and Juls has got some spare as well; he also has a running car, which is more than I can account for. The only issue we're having now of skipping town would be our parents. I love my dad, and I can't let something happen to him. I've got a mom down south, who I could give about half a shit to. Julienne's got his Aunt, but she's gone a lot on business .

I guess we wouldn't be leaving much. Just Erin and dad. Do I really want to leave them behind? In the end, isn't it for the best...?

I have conflicting feelings. Fucking teenage girl kicking in.

I'll have my decision by Friday.

Here is 'Goodnight Deamonslayer'. I could not listen to it, it's so different from the Tall man's voice. He was so scratchy. And dark. Not deep, just... dark. I have no words to describe it. Either way, enjoy..?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My apology

Oh gosh, I totally forgot about this blog.

So uh, where to begin... well, Jul and I just got back from Chicago, and you will NEVER believe this, but... remember that tall guy I told about awhile back? Well, we both will swear to seeing him in Chicago! He was just hanging around the cornors of buildings. Julienne thinks he was following us, which I highly doubt that. Why would some guy in a suit be following us, two highschool kids, to another state?

....okay, stupid question, with obvious horrible answers.

Either way, I hope it was just coincidence.
I havn't been to work since Thursday, I'm off for vacation until Sunday. I've also got the flu, which just sucks. :I I think Erin passed it off to me, she was sick last week; hopefully, she doesn't pass it to Jul... I know he'd be pissed, hahaa.

Well, I'm gonna go. OH! Also, anyone here know of something called Marble Hornets? Someone on formspring sent me a video, though I haven't had a chance to watch any of the videos yet... I've heard it's scary, but I doubt this.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank god it's Friday~

It's Friday! And my god, I'm so happy it's Friday. School is dragging on ungodly slow....
Erin and Julienne are over. We're having a good time, hahaa. About to go watch the South Park movie; Jul's been looking for it for WEEKS. We finally found it at Best Buy, and Jul looked like he was ready to kiss the sales associate when they pulled it out from the back room, he was so excited. Such a diehard fan, haha.

I'm off of work tonight too, which is a plus. OH! Speaking of work...
There was some creepy, tall guy hanging around the parking lot... wearing a suit and a tie. He looked like he was going straight off to a funeral, or a business trip. And he never even came in or bought anything. Just stood outside, by the cart racks.... So many weirdos in this town, I swear...

And now Erin and Jul are attempting to get me to go to Walmart with them... I feel like I'm betraying my company, ahaha.

Later, anonymous readers~

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good evening...

Blogging. Uh, how to start this...

I'm Jamie, and welcome? If you're randomly wandering by, I'm just here to talk of life, and other boring junk. And possibly to complain, or talk about love~ (I'm only a teenager, cut me some slack x3). I'm not very interesting, just a nerdy chick from the east coast, trying to get by my last year of high school. You know the drill, haha.

Senior year's going by pretty quickly it feels. Hell, it's only September, but I feel like it's been longer... Hopefully Julienne and Erin will have some classes with me next semester; it feels like every year we're split up. :( And I do miss my best friends quite dearly... hopefully in college we'll live together off campus.... '3' My oh my, this is getting quite personal. I hope Erin doesn't find this, haha, like she did my Livejournal....

Well, I have work in 20 minutes.... I should probably wrap this up a bit.
Expect a nicer post from me later! For now, it's time for the joys of stocking shelves at Kroger! :I