Friday, September 17, 2010

Thank god it's Friday~

It's Friday! And my god, I'm so happy it's Friday. School is dragging on ungodly slow....
Erin and Julienne are over. We're having a good time, hahaa. About to go watch the South Park movie; Jul's been looking for it for WEEKS. We finally found it at Best Buy, and Jul looked like he was ready to kiss the sales associate when they pulled it out from the back room, he was so excited. Such a diehard fan, haha.

I'm off of work tonight too, which is a plus. OH! Speaking of work...
There was some creepy, tall guy hanging around the parking lot... wearing a suit and a tie. He looked like he was going straight off to a funeral, or a business trip. And he never even came in or bought anything. Just stood outside, by the cart racks.... So many weirdos in this town, I swear...

And now Erin and Jul are attempting to get me to go to Walmart with them... I feel like I'm betraying my company, ahaha.

Later, anonymous readers~

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