Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My apology

Oh gosh, I totally forgot about this blog.

So uh, where to begin... well, Jul and I just got back from Chicago, and you will NEVER believe this, but... remember that tall guy I told about awhile back? Well, we both will swear to seeing him in Chicago! He was just hanging around the cornors of buildings. Julienne thinks he was following us, which I highly doubt that. Why would some guy in a suit be following us, two highschool kids, to another state?

....okay, stupid question, with obvious horrible answers.

Either way, I hope it was just coincidence.
I havn't been to work since Thursday, I'm off for vacation until Sunday. I've also got the flu, which just sucks. :I I think Erin passed it off to me, she was sick last week; hopefully, she doesn't pass it to Jul... I know he'd be pissed, hahaa.

Well, I'm gonna go. OH! Also, anyone here know of something called Marble Hornets? Someone on formspring sent me a video, though I haven't had a chance to watch any of the videos yet... I've heard it's scary, but I doubt this.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! :)

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