Monday, January 3, 2011

In Memory

19 years old, of German descent. Moved to America at the age of 7.
Met myself and Erin at the age of 9.
Shy, quiet boy. Lost his parents the year prior to moving. His mother's sister took him in when no one else would bother. Cold and dull for years. A sad little boy.

His Aunt and I discussed him last night. She said up until Erin and I, he would have just crumbled down to despair. We were good distractions, I assume. Julienne had quite a few demons plaguing him.

Tall Guy, it appears, was not after me, nor Erin. He was after Julienne.
The man followed him here from his childhood, surfacing years later to poor Juls. His aunt remarked that he follows most children, but most grow out of him and block him away. Julienne wasn't so lucky. Julienne had to remember. He had to dig into it. He couldn't let him go.
And now he's drowned into curiosity.

We may be in danger. The TallGuy- oh, why bother- Slenderman takes interest in those who dig too deep. Erin and I are in too deep it appears. Juls aunt said there isn't much hope, but to run.

Is that really it? We have to run, forever?

She's going to Centralia. She wants to be with Julienne.
He was like her son.

This isn't right. This isn't how our lives were supposed to play out.
Julienne, Erin, and I, we were supposed to go to college together. Rent a house off campus, work together in catering. Live our lives to the fullest.

But now, Erin and I are lucky if we make it to Spring.

We're leaving tonight. I'll get back to you guys later.

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