Thursday, January 20, 2011


I haven't been here in years. When my parents split way back when, dad kept me with him in Indy, while mom went down to Louisiana to be with her side of the family. Sometimes I would fly down and visit mom, up until I hit my teenage years. It's been an awkward childhood, I'd say.

Erin's taking a nap downstairs, I'm up in a loft. My old bedroom from being a kid.

Mom was surprised to see us. I take it dad never talked to her about us coming by. What can you do, I suppose. Nonetheless, she took us in happily, and it felt as if I was just down for another visit.

Despite being followed by a killer.
Despite said killer dispatching its minions after us.

We realized we were being trailed around in Florida by hollowed, when one apparently approached Erin's Aunt, asking if they knew our whereabouts. Her Aunt luckily realized telling them would be a bad decision, and kept her mouth shut. I guess the hollowed took this civilly and left.
We managed to get out of there without much trouble though, which is a godsend.

When we got here, we went to mom's and left our stuff, and went out to meet Bay.
For those of you wondering, Bay is a childhood friend of mine, and... well, she's just a friend.
She's also, unfortunately, infected. I suppose she got caught up in this like many others, out of curiosity.

We asked to see the Masked girl, but I guess she's been laying low for awhile now. Bay assumes she'll be back out sometime soon, and when she is, I've got so many questions to ask.
She's been running for two years now, according to Bay.

I hope she's out tonight.