Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey guys, back again. Sorry for being out for awhile, not meaning to scare anyone. Just wanted to say Erin and I made it to Florida...

Jul's aunt decided not to leave to Centralia. I guess her sense came back to her at some point, the poor woman was shaken for so long. She's going to wait. She thinks he'll come home.
Maybe he will.

As for Erin and myself, we're enjoying the beaches out here, staying with her cousins. I think it's a bad idea personally, to get them involved. Hopefully, we'll be out by the end of the week. Not long enough to cause troubles. To ruin lives...

My dad contacted me last night. He, to my understanding, talked to Jul's Aunt the other night. He's worried, so worried. Thank god she didn't go into detail of what's happening. Long story short, he's going to wait for me.
I hope I'll see him again. I miss my dad.
He wants me to see my mom, although. I've mixed feelings over this. She's in Louisiana, if I'm correct...
Come to think of it, someone else is in Louisiana... her name's Bay.
Bay's... something special.

Those thoughts aside, I think I'll leave it at that. We're safe. Safer than we've been for awhile.

I'll sleep well tonight.

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