Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is getting repetitive

Heading off from Florida tonight. Erin thinks it's a good idea, considering how we saw the goddamned Slenderman yesterday. He was in broad daylight, she said. He was looking at her family. Her little cousin.

Needless to say, we overstayed our welcome.

She's out at the grocery currently, getting supplies. We've been running low on cash (gas is ungodly), but I was surprised to find about $400 in my bank account, along with a text from my dad.

'Check your bank account. Sheila [Erin's mom] said you could use a little boost. Spend it wisely, come home safe and as soon as you can'.

If I hadn't said it before, I'll say it again. My dad is the most supportive, caring person in my life. I miss him so much. ;___;

Erin just came in, she's got groceries and other helpful things. I take it we'll be leaving in about an hour.

In case you're wondering, Erin and I talked it over. We're going to Louisiana. To see my mom.
I haven't seen my mom in years. I... I'm scared. I'm resentful.
But I think I should see her.

I've also heard a low rumor of there being a runner around my mom's town.
Bay told me last night over a Skype chat. Apparently it's a girl, she's got a white mask and runs around in a fur collared jacket. She claimed one cheek of the mask has an operator's symbol on it.

Either it's a crazy teenager, or a Runner.

I hope she's a runner.


  1. ur ok!
    thank god.
    any ideaa how to deal with slashed wrists?

  2. Kat!! Just read what happened on your blog, thank god you're okay too!

    For slashed wrists, I'd suggest some rubbing alcohol/ peroxide, and wrap them in bandages. Change them every so often.
    Be careful.

  3. stay up high and watch for.....
    god how do i say it?
    men in black...?
    just watch out and take a weapon