Saturday, December 18, 2010

Julienne left me here. He took Erin.

They skipped town without me.

My friends abandoned me.


  1. I am so sorry.
    But I envy you.
    At least you have...or had friends.
    I can't seem to remember a damn thing.

  2. It's my fault I suppose. I brought Julienne and Erin into this, and I drove them out.

    You can't remember a thing at all?
    I'm terribly sorry.

  3. Well you know.... personal stuff. Math, places, basic life stuff I know but my name or....anything else is just blank.
    I just call myself Kat from.... a note.

  4. Ah, I see. I'm Jamie (if you couldn't tell, haha). If you ever need someone to talk with, I'm here. For now, at least.

    You know, those are mostly side effects from, well. The Slenderman. And they are not pleasant ones... but I'm just restating the obvious I'm sure.

  5. Is it possible for Him to leave notes? I've only got two since I was here, and the snow outside is untouched every time. It's the same with the delivery with my food and clothes.
    The only reason I think He is involved is because the image and, well knowledge of Him was in my head since the first moment I woke up here.

  6. Just read your entire blog, LEAVE.
    I have this sinking feeling that if you don't bad shit will start. I'd come and give you a ride, but I have no idea where I am, I can't leave this place, and I don't have a mobile vehicle unless its around the house in an invisible force field.
    Take a bus, run, hell walk, just GO.

  7. I'm unsure, but considering His jack-of-all-trades funtionality, I wouldn't put it beyond Him. What do the notes state, if I may ask?

    I'm considering leaving now. Although, He hasn't been around here lately; maybe attending to other affairs?
    I have a car that's in the shop right now. It'll be out by the 22nd if I'm lucky. For now, I'm going to lay low around town, and hope for the best.

  8. The notes are like fortune cookie note size, but a lil bigger. They aren't really written, they're in that creepy magazine text fashion.
    First one said " Welcome home Curious Cat", it was in my hand the first time I woke up.
    Second was...
    that's all.

  9. That's... unsettling.

    So, you're positive that there's no way out of the forest?
    If He's keeping you there, it must be for some purpose. That purpose though, could be anything.

  10. I ran at the forest from different angles too many times in the first week I was here.
    I really don't see any purpose in making a girl black out and then move her to a different place in a house.

  11. I see. There's got to be a way out. It'll show itself at some point.

    I don't either. But if there's no purpose, then why would He bother...?

  12. By what most people say he likes to play with his food, on another hand M said if you don't run you have a 2 week expiration date.
    I think the guy is an okay cook though, just had some mashed potatoes and a steak. Will watch a few episodes of whatever I can find on Youtube and go to bed.
    Night, good luck!

  13. I've heard he likes to play with his food as well. For some reason though, he won't bother me more than watching. Or singing. I'm not suggesting I'm safe, but... safer than most?

    The thought of Him being a good cook is kind of funny to me, hahaa. Well, it sounds like you had an okay night. Goodnight, same to you. :)

  14. I highly doubt He is the one cooking, but nonetheless.
    Blacked out three times today. Yay for me.
    How are you doing so far on your plan?

  15. Still an interesting thought, ha.
    Is three a high or low number compared to most days?
    I'm doing okay. My new plan is to leave on the 22nd or 23nd, I found out today my car will be out by then. So, I guess I'll be fighting this shit alone, physically.

    Julienne has yet to contact me. I'm bitter, to say the least. Erin's with him, I'd presume.
    I miss them.

  16. I am so sorry, stay online as long as you can and I'll be here when the internet isn't fuzzy.
    Usually per day I black out 5-6 times for about 30 minutes. I have nothing better to do so really what is it keeping me from?
    Today I just blacked out 4 times, only one was unusual since it was an hour long black out. I should expect one or two more.
    I wish you luck, keep the symbol on you at all times, and get a mask. M says it helps.

  17. I'll stay on as long as I can, thanks for the company~

    Ah, interesting. Keep track of how much you black out. It may be useful to know at some point.
    Thank you, same to you.
    A mask you say? M said something of it in his blog awile back... I've got one of Guy Fawkes, a halloween mask. For the meantime it may work.