Monday, December 13, 2010

A Plan

(NOTE: for the rest of the week, I'm going to closely monitor what is going on. I'll record shit down here everynight until Friday)

Today at school, I noticed some things.

Tall Guy (I refuse to call him the Slenderman; I can't do it. Plus, he seems more wacky and fun this way! -sarcasm-) seems to understand that school is my time not to be screwed with. When I left this morning, he was still outside my window, in clear view! Just standing. Maybe watching. He made no signs of following me, and it felt nice to have a somewhat safe haven. For the time, at least. When I returned home, he was gone, which while in itself was nice, I felt unsettled.

Julienne and I discussed briefly our plan for Friday:

-school like normal
-comeback to my house to pick up some bags and other items
-go to his house to do the same
-leave a note (nothing suicidal, we want to come back, eventually) with an undisclosed location
-get the hell out of town my head, it seemed more realistic. I'm going to think of this as only a roadtrip to get away from stress.

Disregarding the fact it's supernatural stress.

His aunt is out for the week until Sunday, so by the time she sees our note, we'll be long gone.
I'm still debating to leave dad a note. I may be 18, but he will still worry to hell and back.

Shit, that reminds me. Jul's birthday is the 21st. He's turning 19, and even if we're still dealing with Tall Guy, he's getting a birthday! Even if it may be a car party... hahaa.

Well, I hope our plan will work. I really hope so.

More than anything I just wish this would go away.


PS: I'm sure Tall Guy missed me at work, so I'm assuming he'll be back for more lullabys tonight. Joy.

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