Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleep nights

Today was nicer than usual.

I went to my cousin's house for the day after school, she drove us over. We baked cookies and talked of petty drama. It was a nice distraction, but I know he was watching.

He was once again singing last night. Same song, same deaf tone, same shit. Is it odd I'm starting to get used to the Tall Guy...? He's almost homey, in an odd way. And by odd, I mean terrifying.

I'm so sleepy right now, this will probably be a small update. Just clarifying I'm not dead yet, even though it's only been a day. Friday is rapidly approaching. Juls and I are anticipating it with mixed emotions.
I'm just ready for anything at this point.

I've also put the operator symbol onto my tank tops and jacket. I may look nutty, but I feel a sense of security through it. Here's hoping it's not false (which I'm sure it's not; M stated it as a protection means. M, if you're reading this, you're seriously helping a girl out with your advice, thanks).

I'm going to sleep. Sleep nicely, anonymous readers~

(it appears my blogs post at the wrong times. It's midnight on the clock here, I should change my timezone, eventually)

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