Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A New Plan

So, Julienne is gone.
Completely skipped town, no contact to me, no attempts at cocommunicating to anyone. Our school friends have no idea where he could be.
His parents are dead, and as far as I know he has little family, back in Europe. He's German, if I remember correctly.

That's not what concerns me.
I got a voicemail from Erin about a half hour ago, and another about 5 minutes ago. I was away from my phone. I'm so stupid.
I've transcribed it as best as I could.

'Jamie, I don't know what's going on, Juli's acting fucking weird. He took my phone Friday night, told me not to talk to you again. What the hell is going on? -cuts out to fuzz/muffles- Jul's out pissing in a gas station, we stopped for gas. We're in Pennsylvania I think. I don't know where he's taking us. -muffled voices- I gotta' go.'

and the second.

'It's Erin again. I just hit Julienne, he's out cold. He's talking about taking me to a town around here, called Centralia. I'm scared, Jamie. He's not himself. He's got an empty look to him, and he won't talk to me beyond this god damned town. Help Jam, he's... he's not Juli.'

I am horrified right about now. Julienne sounds like he's been 'hollowed out'. This is not the boy I know, not the carefree guy who was like my brother. He would never do something like this, for god's sake, at least not to Erin.

I have a new plan. I'm going to find Erin. I'm going to find her, and find out what the fuck is going on.

As for TallGuy, he's been less than helpful with anything. Although, he's lain off the whole 'midnight singing tapping sessions', which is calming. My brother's room is still untouched. Probably will be until I get back.

Erin is my first priority.
Look's like I'll still be having my roadtrip.


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