Friday, December 17, 2010

Rising Expedition?

So, this week has been anti-climatic.

I called my brother earlier, and, oh boy big suprise, no answer. That still leaves a major part of my issues unsolved. The other part, of course, being the 8 foot tall man that no one can see, who is also stalking me.
Yeah, that one.

Tomorrow's the big day. Julienne's got everything ready to go, fuck, he even had new tires put on yesterday to his car (damn you Indiana and your perfect timing of shit weather). All in all, we're ready to get out of here. I'm strangely excited... but I've got a sickening feeling. Probably just nerves...

I'll keep this remotely short; nothing exciting's happened yet, Tall Guy's still been outside my window (although he's stopped singing and resorted to just watching) every night. No one ever sees him, and yet I live on a main roadway. Fuck my life? Yeah, fuck my life.

Erin's become secluded from us it feels like. I think she knows we plan on leaving... I swear, if Juls told her, his head may as well be bitten off. Either way, all she's done this past week has been casting me looks of despair; if I try to confront her, she shruggs it off as being tired or overworked. Which, I doubt. She works at a damn TacoBell up the road. All the customers either come in stoned throughout the night, or families with little shits for kids. Alas, I digress.

I still need to make her and my dad notes. Ugh.


Well, TallGuy's tapping for my attention now. I've given it to him, and all he does is either stare, or look off awkwardly (like my dreams). Tall Guy, for a damned stalker, you are quite the peculier one...
Goodnight, young Anons. I''ll either be back tomorrow or Saturday~


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